About Pipe Cam, Inc.

Jim Brooks discussing the inspection with a customer.

Jim Brooks discussing the inspection with a customer.

Established in 2001, Pipe Cam is a husband-wife team. We started our company with a contract with a major telecom company locating and documenting sewer laterals. The more we did, the more we learned.  Sewer lines are serious victims of deferred maintenance!

Pamela was selling real estate at the time and we saw a need for an inspection process that was tailored to the home buying process. We developed our proprietary diagnostic sewer inspection process and report that is commonly used in real estate today.

That’s how we became experts in diagnosing sewer laterals and we eventually transitioned out of the telecom business. In 2004, we expanded past exclusively diagnosing into full service repair and replacement of sewer lines and general plumbing work.

We offer both trenchless and open trench sewer line replacement to real estate, private homeowners and light commercial clients.  We work both in and out of the point of sale sewer certification markets that have become a part of real estate transactions in many communities.

Our business exclusively on referrals and we don’t waste your money on traditional advertising. Many plumbers spend thousands on yellow page ads and it’s the consumer who foots the bill. We’d rather have you spend your money on solutions.

We hold a General A California Contractors license as well as a C-36 plumbing license. When you work with us, you’ll always understand exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it. Your peace of mind and trust are number one.