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Residential Sewer Lateral Inspections

Residential Sewer Lateral Inspections

Tell me quick before I faint! Is it good or is it ain’t?

When a plumber works on your sewer line, how do you know the work has been done properly? You don’t. That’s because most plumbers don’t prove their work with a camera. When someone from Pipe Cam clears a line at your house, we’ll show you, right then and there, how the inside of the line looks. We believe in prayer – just not having to do it every time you flush the toilet!

Is your plumber a magician?

There are many plumbers who can tell you that your line has roots and breaks and may even be collapsed without ever looking inside. In fact, some of those guys will even tell you that your line absolutely needs replacement right away without ever taking a peep. Must be magic!

We’re a bit obsessive about educating our clients – we’ll show you how your line looks and discuss ALL the options with you. Sometimes all you need is proper maintenance or a smaller scale repair.  We only do what you need.

Buying or selling a home? Don’t let a sewer problem muddy the waters!

There is nothing that can be done during the discovery process of purchasing a home that will reveal a line that has issues. That is because there is not enough water introduced into the sewer system to see how it works.  Homes built in the early 1970’s or before present the most risk.

Buyers: be sure you’re not taking on someone else’s headache by inspecting the sewer line before you remove your inspection contingency. Sellers: give your buyers the peace of mind that you’re telling them everything that you can. If you need a root cutting to clear the line, we’ll cut and treat so you can offer a one year warranty on your line!