The Benefits of a Pipe Cam, Inc. Pre-Sale Sewer Lateral Inspection

Confirm home values

You know that the true value of a home cannot be set until the condition is confirmed. The only way to really know what condition the sewer system is in is to send a camera into the line or dig it up. Choose a Pipe Cam, Inc. sewer inspection – it’s the sensible way to evaluate the sewer system. After all, doesn’t everyone want a “flush and forget” existence?

Reduce your risk

It’s no secret – Real estate professionals are getting hammered with more legal exposure every year. Help your buyers secure a quality home by inspecting the sewer line before you remove inspection contingencies. There’s nothing you can do during the inspection process that will reveal a defective line that is likely to back up without inspecting it with a camera.

Double ending the deal? Don’t even THINK about skipping this inspection – it’s just not worth it.
Think this doesn’t benefit sellers? Well, think again! If a line has roots, they’ve probably been there for a while whether the sellers know about it or not.  We’ll cut the roots and apply an EPA approved root treatment and your sellers can offer a One Year Warranty on the line against roots. That’s some serious peace of mind for both sides of the deal!

Retain Your Clients – Protect Your Referrals

The reality of today’s market is that you’re working harder than ever and giving up more with every deal that you close.  The last thing you need is to have an expensive sewer problem cost you money after the close.  By inspecting the sewer, you can deal with needed repairs during your contingency period.  The sellers can the walk away from the property knowing they won’t be confronted with possible legal recourse and buyers are assured a quality home.  When clients know you’ve gone the extra mile to make the deal go smoothly for them, they’ll work with you again and refer people that they know because they know that you  care.

Call Pipe Cam, Inc. today for your next sewer inspection.